On motivation


Motivation — A mythical, precious commodity, rumored to make it easy to begin things.  If only you had enough of it, the things you wanted to be done would get done.

I gave up on motivation years ago.  As far as I’m concerned, if motivation is anything at all, it’s an undependable luxury.  It’s a fleeting set of emotional circumstances that make a certain course of action a no-brainer.  With motivation, there is still effort required, but no trace of doubt or struggle.  A perceived lack of it is the perfect reason not to act.  But in reality it’s still important and valuable for us to do something even while we still face internal resistance.

Habitually successful people appear to have vast reserves of motivation, but it’s more likely that what they have is momentum. They have pushed against their inner resistance firmly and consistently enough that the ball is rolling at a good clip, all on its own. You actually don’t need motivation to do things, it just makes them obvious and easy.


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